How To Use The Charms bar

The charms on both Windows 8 and Windows RT facilitate searching for content, sharing images and links, connecting devices, and changing settings in a device. In order to know more about the benefits derived from this function on the new OS from Microsoft, it is good to take a closer look at it.

The charms are Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings and can be found on the right section of the display and it can be opened through touch, keyboard or using a mouse.

  • To open the charms using touch, users only have to make a swiping action from the right section before tapping the needed charm.
  • When using a mouse, the pointer will have to be moved into the right side, either in the lower-right or upper right section, before moving it up and down and clicking on the needed charm.
  • The easiest is the keyboard,┬ápress the Windows logo button on Surface

Windows Charms

The Search charm will allow users to search for anything. Users can search the app they are currently using, search for a different app in Windows Store, or search the PC for a file, setting or an app.
The Share charm will allow users to share information and files with other people. They can also send info into a different app without closing the app that is currently being used. It can also be used is sending images, sending links to a note-taking app, or updating a Facebook status
The Start charm will allow users to go to the Start screen or return to the last app that was used when the user is already on the Start screen.
The Device charm will facilitate the use of devices linked to the PC. Users will be able to sync with a phone, print using an app, or stream videos.
The Settings charm allows users to change the settings of their PC or the apps. Users will see the info, help, and settings of the app they are currently using along with the standard settings of a PC. The PC settings do not change although the settings of the apps may differ from one app to another. Selecting Change PC setting will allow users to alter the settings of a PC.