Windows 8 Registry

A simple tweak but one that promises a lot of difference in the touch responsiveness of the Surface Tablet; XDA Developers Forum member “tamarasu” seems to be have figured out a way to increase the touch responsiveness of Surface RT.

The approach was simple, just modify a Windows 8 registry and allow the system to reboot and enhance its touch responsiveness. Apparently users who repeated the process on their Surface have found it to work. if you’re interested here are the step by step instructions –

  1. search for regedit from the Start screen. Tap it and then select “Run as Administrator” from the app command
  2. Locate the following registry key –
  3. Change the latency value (DWORD) from 8 to 2
  4. Change the SampleTime value (DWORD) from 8 to 2.

However there is a small caveat. While the tweak seems to work and there are obvious benefits for the same, the team at Microsoft has spent countless hours fine tuning the system to ensure that the system performs 100% as planned. As such there are going to be some disadvantages to using this tweak. This could be something to do with the surface rt battery life.

Irrespective of that sometimes simple tweaks can go a long way to enhance the usability of a device and it seems that “tamarasu” may have just done exactly that.

Source: XDA Developers forum

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