Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft posted a video that discussed different aspects in the creation of the Microsoft Surface tablet on its official YouTube channel. The video clip revealed the challenge that the company encountered in looking for the suitable material that will make the Surface RT tablet slim, light and strong.

The team discovered that the density, strength and lightness of magnesium were a good starting point for them. The team spent countless hours in trying to attain the goal that they had set for themselves.

This rare behind the scenes video showed that the company focused on using new technology to bring the same keyboard experience into an innovative device. The company later realized that it was possible to come up with such a device after working on a prototype together with new software.

The video also revealed that the engineering team initially had second thoughts on using a very thin keyboard. However, the end-product was thinner than what was originally planned.

The years of hard work by the company resulted to the release of the best possible product in the Surface RT & Surface Pro. The company released the Surface tablet RT into the market recently.

Source & Image: Microsoft Surface YouTube Channel