Surface Tablet Vs iPad

While Apple‘s commercials have been mostly low key, cute little flicks that make you smile, Microsoft has come out of the gate running with a highly acclaimed ad that makes you want to get up and dance. That is the whole theme (with a touch of macabre) behind this homegrown spoof commercial inspired by the new advertisement for the Microsoft Surface tablet.

LaughPong looked at the two most recent commercials from the respective companies and decided to combine them in a way that would leave Apple crying for their mommy and Microsoft screaming for more. In all likelihood when the advertisements team at Microsoft sees the parody it will give them some inspiration.

The satire obviously does not reflect the real world as Apple is currently the market leader among Microsoft Surface Competitors and the Microsoft tablets are the new kids on the block. However, at least in the advertisement world, perception makes up the better part of reality and the spoof does reflect the present authenticity of the two commercials.

The fake commercial is actually so good it would probably compel most consumers to purchase a Microsoft tablet PC over an Apple product. Advertising works in strange and mysterious ways on the human psyche, as we well know. It is like the difference between buying a lowly moped or a Harley Davidson and letting your freak flag fly.