Microsoft Surface Tablet

With the release of Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Singapore launched series of activity sequence as a part of their dream. Hack weekend activity will take place over a period of four weekends. It aims to educate developers and designers with latest Windows 8 software. From the Microsoft release preview, we can guess that Windows 8 is set with Windows Store for Singapore developers so that they can launch their apps to the world. In Hack weekend series, Microsoft Company will aim to convert ideas into reality by using three simple steps. i.e Dream, Build, Launch.

How it works?

In this section, you have 60 seconds to collect your application idea and gather team fellows who are interested in your idea. In this way, you will learn about Window 8 abilities, Microsoft Surface and other potentials from this new platform.

By taking guidance from our developer Evangelist during Hack weekend, you can build prototype of your app. After that you can decide to launch your application in the next coming weeks.

By representing your application to our developers, you can win exclusive developer token.

Hack Weekend is not only about developers who have come up with new ideas; instead it is also helpful for those who are working on Windows 8 app ideas. If you want to be part of this event, sign up today.

Surface Tablet Event Details

Dates: 7 July / 28 July / 9 August / 25 August 2012
Venue: Level 21, Auditorium, Microsoft Singapore
Address: One Marina Boulevard, 1 Marina Boulevard Singapore 018989
Register here:

09:00 Breakfast / Registration / Install Fest (If you don’t have Windows 8 RP and VS2012 installed Microsoft will do it for you then)
10:00 Team Formation
10:30 Hacking Begins
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Hacking continues
19:00 Dinner and Project updates
20:00 Hacking continues
22:00 Demo time
23:00 Mingle with the audience + Chill out drinks