Microsoft Surface Tablet

Users will have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience on the Microsoft Surface tablet through the Surface Experience Center that the company will set up in different locations around the world.

The images, which were shared by, did not give a detailed look at how the entire center will look like. But it will still give potential buyers of the Surface RT tablet an idea on what to expect when a center will be set up in their area.

The Surface Experience Center in Berlin is located at the café area of Motel One. The ambiance of the center shows the new image that Microsoft aims to project with the orb lamps, fireplace, carpet, and trendy furniture. Basing on first impressions, potential buyers may find the Surface Experience Center a pleasant place to check out the Microsoft Surface tablet before deciding to purchase one.

For the moment the company has yet to reveal the locations of the centers in the United States where consumers will have the opportunity to handle the Surface RT tablet. However, Microsoft has already released the list of the Surface Experience Centers in Australia, Germany, France and the UK.

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