Surface Apps

With Microsoft launching Surface Tablet PC soon, ERPLY, recent cloud based point of sale provider has announced their latest POS version for Mango tablet platform and Windows 8. It works great when used in stores as POS. It has latest user interface that is specially optimized for tablet touch screen users. Millions of people are lining up for this new tablet that will hit the stores.

All external peripheral devices are supported by ERPLY software. This software makes it easy for users to utilize bar code scanners, credit card reader and printers on tablet.

Kristjan Hiiemaa, CEO of ERPLY commented “more than 86% of retail IT companies are running Windows as OS for point of sale. It is privileged to establish a tablet solution that will compete with iPad in the retail world.”

Now with the big businesses shifting towards cloud POS technology, ERPLY stand out from the crowd by its unique ability to operate online and offline at POS registers and offering full range back office solutions. By using this platform, business owners can utilize all benefits of cloud based technology, without relying on internet connection. Some other ERPLY platforms include
iPad POS, Browser based POS and Android.

ERPLY is progressing since its formation in U.S market. It has till now reached 50000 stores and is processing more than $ 3B transactions in the year 2012.