Surface RT resolution

The recent results of the evaluation made by Display Mate on the screen display of the Microsoft Surface tablet. The 1366 by 768 resolution of the device is the minimum resolution needed to allow Windows 8 devices to utilize the snap function of the device. This comes despite questions raised on the reason for the small resolution offered by the Surface RT tablet of the software giant.

This comes as rivals are releasing devices with a 1080p displays as well as the 2048 by 1536 resolution of the Apple iPad 3. The company focused on factors that contribute to the quality of the screen including screen reflectance and screen sharpness for their device.

An evaluation conducted by Display Mate revealed that the performance of the Microsoft tablet was up to par with its competition despite having a smaller resolution. The Microsoft device offers the lowest screen reflectance, which actually makes the screen look better. Its high contrast rating while under ambient light has made it more readable when used under direct sunlight.

Since Sub-Pixel Rendering was used on the device, the visual sharpness has been enhanced significantly compared to other mobile displays that use the typical Pixel Rendering. Due to this, the sharpness of the Microsoft device is better compared to the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 although it was not as sharp compared to the iPad 3, the Google Nexus 7, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

However the Color Gamut of the device is not quite as good as that of many tablets but it is similar to the display of many smartphones.

In the end, the screen display of the Surface RT tablet is better compared to the resolution of all ten-inch tablets that were evaluated. The Microsoft Surface tablet had a sharper on-screen text, factory display calibration, as well as a smaller screen Reflectance compared to a number of tablet devices. Although its sharpness was not as good as the most recent models of the iPad, the company is set to release the Windows Pro models by 2013, which will reportedly offer high resolution displays.

Source: Dsplay Mate