china windows 8 tablet

Chinese consumers were among the first to purchase the Microsoft Surface tablet following the launch event held by Microsoft in Beijing. However, the event that introduced the Surface RT tablet did not go as smoothly as it should have, according to a report from

The report indicated that an elderly couple went up the stage in the middle of the program. They seemed to try to get the attention of the organizers. Apparently the couple complained that the event was creating too much noise that it disturbed the sleep of their grandchildren. The incident was recorded on video and was posted online. It showed the security personnel getting a bit physical as they forced the two senior citizens off the stage. The incident happened even as the dancers continued to perform on the stage

The elderly couple appeared to have overreacted to the noise caused by the event that introduced the initial entry of Microsoft into the tablet market.

Suning is the Chinese retail partner of Microsoft in the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet in the country. The device will be available in five hundred retail outlets of the electronics retailer. In addition to selling the Surface RT tablet through the physical stores of the company, the device is also available through the websites of Suning and Microsoft.