Microsoft Surface Tablet

As the release of the Windows 8 operating system and the Microsoft Surface Tablet is nearing, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is having talks with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) to bring mobile games in the new operating system. EA believes that the new Windows 8 operating system possesses a vital role in the success of its handset strategy. This was confirmed in a Bloomberg report.

The Chief Operating Office of EA, Peter Moore, mentioned in a phone interview that EA is focusing on using tools that can adopt any platform quickly and those that have a gaming element, too, and they know that Windows 8 has those qualities.

For many years now, Electronic Arts has been relying on boxed retail products, and now, it is venturing on games on the phones and tablets, in addition to Internet-based titles. Windows 8 is set to be released later this year, and Microsoft wants more developers to develop products in the new platform that are good enough to compete head on with iPhone and Android-run devices.

The Windows 8 operating system will support some much-awaited Windows 8 tablets, including Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2. Around the time when Windows 8 will be released, Microsoft will also be launching the new Microsoft Surface tablet, which is packed with more powerful features and capabilities. EA is eyeing on these Windows 8 tablets for some of its games, probably including the popular SimCity, Medal of Honor, FIFA Soccer, and Need for Speed.