Surface Hardware

The folks at iFixit decide to give the Surface RT tablet a thorough anatomical dissection. They had a few hiccups while doing it though. This is how they went about it. The kickstand was the first to go. It is surprisingly stubborn, screwed onto the main body with 17 torx screws. Once that is out of the picture, the rear panel came off pretty easily as it was held in place by only a small ribbon cable.

The rear area of the tablet has the battery and the rest of the components including the main circuitry. The battery was held in place with glue. But it came of easier compared to the new iPad. The rest of the components like the speakers, connectors, ports all came out easily. The camera would only come off once the motherboard is removed. The graphics and flash memory together with the CPU composed the top part of the motherboard while the Wi-Fi antenna, ambient light antennas and the microphones made up the bottom part. The remaining components that made up the touch screen display of the tablet came on a secondary board.

A lot of time and effort went into removing the display. The LCD and the glass were fused together very much akin to the new iPad. If you break it, then it would require some minor repairs. Over all iFixit gave it a 4/10 repairability.

For those who just received Microsoft Surface tablet and feel squeamish about the whole procedure, don’t try this at home especially after iFixit gave the tablet such low reparability rating.