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Third party PC manufacturers were only notified by Microsoft that it will launch the Surface RT tablet a couple of days before the actual event, a recent report revealed. However, anonymous sources quoted representatives of PC manufacturers saying that Microsoft collaborated closely with third party Microsoft Surface tablet manufacturers were designing the tablet way before the launch of the device.

According to CNET, Microsoft appeared to be on top of the development of the third party Windows RT tablets like the Asus Vivo Tab. An unidentified PC hardware representative revealed that they had to go along with Microsoft in all the components that affected the software or was a device driver. Testing of Windows RT tablets that came from PC OEMs took longer compared to the testing conducted by Microsoft on Windows 8 PCs.

Following the June 2012 launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet, a number of PC manufacturers were apprehensive that the Surface group was to close for comfort to the Windows RT team of the third party manufacturers. Since it was not clear when the companies are working, competing with each other, or working to compete against Android and Apple, a good amount of uncertainty exists in nearly everything that they talked about or discussed, another unidentified hardware manufacturer revealed

For the moment, the number of Windows RT tablets from third party manufacturers is limited. Aside from the Vivo Tab of Asus, the Yoga 11 was launched by Lenovo prior to Christmas. The XPS 10 was unveiled last December by Dell. For the moment, the ATIV Tab tablet of Samsung has yet to enter the market after it was announced by the company. On the other hand, Toshiba put off plans for its own version of the Surface RT tablet, and it remains uncertain if it will release one within the year.


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