surface rt price

The local Costco outlet may be the best place to purchase the Surface RT tablet, according to a recent report. Aside from Staples, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store, the Microsoft Surface tablet is now available through Costco in addition to the other optional accessories for the device.

Surface RT Price in Costco

The 32GB version of the tablet without the Touch Cover will be available at $499. This is the standard for this particular SKU. However, the best deals that consumers can have are the packages that include the Touch cover for the tablet.

In the other online and brick and mortar outlets, consumers can purchase the 32GB or the 64GB version of the Surface RT tablet that comes with the black Touch Cover at a price tag of $599 or $699. Consumers would have to purchase a separate Touch Cover if they wanted another color, which means they pay for the $499 32GB model plus the Touch Cover at $199, which gives a total of $618.The 64GB model is not available without the Touch Cover, so they have to purchase the device with the black Touch Cover.

Although packages for the 64GB version that has a Touch Cover with a different color through the brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store, the package is not available for online purchases.

Costco is offering the Surface RT tablet with all the colors for all SKUs. This means consumers will be able to purchase the 32GB version of the device with a Cyan, Red, White, and Black Touch Cover at around $599. The Black and the Cyan packages have a price tag of $589.

The 64GB version is also available in all colors while the lower price for the Black and Cyan is also applicable for this version of the tablet. The $679 price tag of a 64GB Surface tablet with the Cyan cover is $20 lower compared to the price it is offered by Microsoft when the new cover is included.

A number of demo videos for the Surface RT tablet are also available on the Costco site.

The reach of Costco and its buying power indicates that sales of the Surface RT tablet will perform well for the store. It remains uncertain which version of the Surface Pro will be offered by the store.