Surface Pro is just weeks from shipping out

The Surface pro is just about getting ready to be shipped out and if the recent tweet by Panos Panay, GM of Microsoft’s Surface line of products, is to be believed then it is just a matter of weeks. He tweeted earlier in the day - "On my Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablets Through Other Retailers

It appears that the Microsoft Surface tablet may be offered in other distributions channels aside from the ones own by Microsoft itself, a report from revealed.

Although the accuracy of the report remains uncertain, the Read More →

Newly Enhanced SAP Windows 8 Apps

International software provider SAP has announced that the company has designed a range of applications for the Windows 8 operating system -- including a brand new product. The apps are designed for a wide range of products including the Microsoft tablet PC, Read More →

Surface RT comes a cropper at browser performance test

In what may come as a surprise for many Microsoft fans and certainly leave a bitter taste in the mouth for those in Redmond, the Surface RT’s browser performance running the latest Explorer 10 has come in for some blasting in a recent test. While those at Microsoft Read More →

Samsung shows off ATIV Tab in commercial [Video]

There are a number of upcoming Microsoft Surface competitors and one of these was highlighted recently in a YouTube. It's Samsung's Ad focused on the ATIV product line, which include a Samsung tablet device.

The video is apparently in preparation for the promotion of Read More →

Microsoft is shipping the Surface RT in UK without prior intimation

Consumers in UK who had pre-ordered the Microsoft Surface RT tablet have now started to receive the same. Some UK based readers have reported that since the debacle of the erroneous message, that seemed to suggest that their order was going to be delayed, they Read More →

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