Ports On Microsoft Surface Tablet Demonstrated Through Posted Video

Numerous tablet devices that have entered the market in recent months do not have the standard connections or slots that are normally found on laptops and desktops, until the Microsoft Surface tablet became available. This is one of the features that potential buyers will be able to use Read More →

Samsung shows off ATIV Tab in commercial [Video]

There are a number of upcoming Microsoft Surface competitors and one of these was highlighted recently in a YouTube. It's Samsung's Ad focused on the ATIV product line, which include a Samsung tablet device.

The video is apparently in preparation for the promotion of Read More →

The Design Of The Microsoft Surface Tablet [Video]

With the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet, a video that discussed the way the company came up with the design of the device was posted on the official YouTube channel of the device. This comes even with a backlog in the online orders of the Read More →

How The Microsoft Surface Tablet Was Made [Video]

Microsoft posted a video that discussed different aspects in the creation of the Microsoft Surface tablet on its official YouTube channel. The video clip revealed the challenge that the company encountered in looking for the suitable material that will make the Surface Read More →

Learning More About The Microsoft Surface Tablet [Video]

A new Surface RT tablet video was released by Microsoft recently and it was fittingly entitled, “Learn More About Surface”. The new video basically gives users a quick look at the features of the Microsoft Surface tablet. It discusses the protection provided Read More →

Video Explains The Touch Cover of the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Several videos were released by Microsoft that highlighted the different features of the recently-released Surface RT tablet. Some of the videos highlighted the material used for the Microsoft Surface tablet and the features that it offers to users. One recent video focused on the Read More →

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