UBS: Microsoft sold only 1 million Surface RT units in the last quarter

It is now an open secret that Microsoft’s Surface RT has made a slow start. UBS analyst Brent Thill opined that the Surface RT sales just one million units, a far cry from the estimate of two million that he was earlier hoping they would break. Read More →

Surface RT Tablet Can Be Browsed More Flash-Based Sites By IE10

The Internet Explorer 10 was first unveiled for the Windows 8 and the Windows RT by Microsoft, according to a report. This will allow Microsoft to forego using third-party web browser plug-ins. A plug-in will not be necessary for the Modern version of the Internet Explorer 10 of Read More →

Samsung shelving plans to launch the ATIV tab in US

It looks like the Samsung ATIV Tab is not going to make its US debut after all. Amidst reports of weakening sales of the Surface RT and all the confusion that is surrounding the Windows RT operating system, Samsung have decided that they Read More →

Microsoft Surface Outshines Apple In Coolness Level Among Teenagers

Buzz Marketing Group, a company that focuses on youth marketing, revealed that more young people are interested in the Microsoft Surface tablet compared to those who find a similar product from Apple appealing. according to a report by shows the similarity of the latest Read More →

Jailbroken Windows RT allows Mac OS to run on Surface RT

Following the successful jailbreaking of the Windows RT OS and the release of an automated jailbreaking tool, the Microsoft Surface RT has suddenly become a new experimental platform for developers and researchers Read More →

Now a Windows RT jailbreak tool debuts

Known only by his handle ‘netham45’ this programmer released a batch file on the XDA Developers website which he claims can automate the process. The process begins by first exploiting and then modifying a specific area of the Windows RT kernel and then to allow the user to Read More →

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