Three New Microsoft Surface Tablets Hinted

Three new Microsoft Surface tablets may be released by the software giant in the coming year if the recent report is proven to be accurate. It may not be unexpected since Microsoft aims to give the Surface the same name recall as other devices in the market. Read More →

Lifecycle for Surface RT Tablet With Windows RT Clarified

A recent report indicated that the Surface RT tablet will be supported by Microsoft for four years while the Windows 8 version will receive support until September 2018.

However, the Microsoft Surface tablet will still Read More →

Torture Test Conducted On Microsoft Surface Tablet

Earlier reports had shown the durability of the Microsoft Surface tablet following reports that device was able to survive falls from the top of the cars of users. The company also tested the durability of the Microsoft Surface tablet by conducting a number of torture tests on its Read More →

Nielsen Survey: Low Demand For Surface Tablet

The demand for tech gadget as gifts is expected to increase with the upcoming holiday shopping season. A recent Nielsen survey to check the gadgets that was on top of the list of things to purchase among children and adults in the US. The results indicated that Read More →

Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Help Me Choose!

Sean Hollister wrote in an article at The Verge last week that Microsoft’s customer service leaves much to be desired for individuals who want a Windows 8 device. The new Microsoft Surface RT tablet, having sold out in its pre-order week, does not come with Windows 8; Read More →

Partnership Or Prosecution: What Will Be Microsoft’s Reaction To Samsung Windows Tab?

Windows Surface tablet isn’t out there yet, but business moguls have already started taking stands for and against it. HP and Acer have defined their stances against the release of this tablet. Perhaps, they don’t want another contender for their already depleting hardware sales. However, things aren’t the Read More →

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