Mainstream Support For Surface Pro Available Until Mid-2017

The 64GB and 128GB models of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet are already available in the market. The support page of Microsoft has indicated that users living in Canada and the United States will be able to benefit Read More →

International Release OF Microsoft Surface Pro Coming Soon

The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet has not entered the market yet and it will initially be offered in Canada and the United States. For potential buyers living outside of the North American continent, they will have to wait for the release of the Read More →

More IT Workers Prefer A Windows-based Tablet Like The Surface Pro

A review was reportedly made on the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet┬áprior to its official launch this coming Saturday, a report revealed. More businesses are expected to use the Windows 8 Pro powered tablet since it will be able to run the newer Read More →

Costco To Offer Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

The local Costco outlet may be the best place to purchase the Surface RT tablet, according to a recent report. Aside from Staples, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store, the Microsoft Surface tablet is now available through Costco in addition to the Read More →

Outlook for Surface RT Being Tested By Microsoft

A report hinted at the possibility that the Outlook version for Windows RT devices was already completed by Microsoft and is already testing it. The Outlook for Surface RT tablet of Microsoft and other tablets and PCs using the Windows RT.

Read More →

More Models Of Microsoft Surface Tablet Expected In The Future

The fourth quarter earnings of Microsoft for 2012 reached $21.46 billion due to the increased revenue of the Windows division of the company. However, no specific figures were revealed by the company in the sales of the Microsoft Surface tablet. Microsoft CFO Peter Klein revealed that the company Read More →

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