Surface RT Owners: Cannot Access The Windows Store or Windows Update

An update on the firmware of the Surface RT tablet has resulted to a number of issues among users of the device, according to a recent report. The problems reportedly emerged from the community forum of the Microsoft Surface tablet.

According Read More →

How To Improve Surface RT Touch Responsive

A simple tweak but one that promises a lot of difference in the touch responsiveness of the Surface Tablet; XDA Developers Forum member “tamarasu” seems to be have figured out a way to increase the touch responsiveness of Surface RT.

The approach was simple, just modify a Read More →

A muting bug on Microsoft Surface RT

Complaints have poured in over a serious issue that plagues the Surface RT Tablet. When using the Touch Cover users have reported that the sound of the Surface RT had unexpectedly gone mute. Microsoft has responded to these reports by saying that they are Read More →

Significantly Speeding Up Microsoft Surface Performance

Increasing the operational speed of the Surface RT tablet is possible by following a simple procedure.

The first thing to do is to right-click or touch on Computer on the Classic Desktop. Select properties on the File Explorer Window pop-up or ribbon. Then Read More →

More issues with the Surface RT, this time it is about Wi-Fi

It seems that the launch of the ‘best thing since Windows 98’ is not entirely a glitch-free affair for Microsoft. First we heard about the splitting issue related with the touchpad/keyboard, which Microsoft promptly addressed to by promising to send out replacement covers. Now we are hearing about Read More →

Surface Tablet Connection Flaw

I am having a little problem with my Surface RT tablet that I would like to share with you so you do not run into the same problems I have. The problem is the magnetic plug on the power supply does not work correctly. It Read More →

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