Zynga brings Draw Something to Nokia Lumia, What about Surface RT?

Two of the most popular of Zynga’s mobile games were scheduled to be released on Windows Phone. That was back in June when we first got to hear that news. Post that news, at least one of them is making its promised debut on Windows Phone. “Read More →

Xbox Games on all Surface Tablets

Microsoft announced today that its Xbox team has compiled 40 Windows tablet games that will be available to purchasers of a Surface Tablet beginning October 26. Some of the games will be for the Windows RT and the others will only be available on Read More →

EA Eyeing on Windows 8 for Its Mobile Games

As the release of the Windows 8 operating system and the Microsoft Surface Tablet is nearing, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is having talks with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) to bring mobile games in the new operating system. EA believes that the new Windows 8 Read More →

Halo 4 will work with Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

Xbox executive Don Mattrick (Microsoft's President for Interactive Entertainment ) made a comment during a panel at VentureBeat’s GameBeat 2012 conference yesterday, He mentioned Halo 4 will work with Surface Tablet. No other details  was shared.

Read More →

Is Microsoft Surface Tablet the Xbox pad?

Gaming is an important part of the computer devices. Apple is well aware of the importance of the games that is why it has a separate category for games at its app store. Games have a nice amount of downloads in Apple's app store and Android's app store. Read More →

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