Microsoft Surface tablet

A buzz on the Internet recently, because of their viral blending videos, Blendtec has been releasing a number of demonstrational videos recently that are titled “will it blend?”. Their primary aim is to dump a popular device such as an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S III or an iPad Mini into one of their blenders and well, blend. With so many of the latest and popular devices grounding to dust when faced with the formidable lineup of Blendtec blenders, one but cannot stop from thinking, is the Microsoft Surface Tablet next in the line? But it looks like that the latest and most talked about device on the Internet is not yet destined to face the blending might of the Blendtec blenders. In an email response, Blendtec mentioned that they don’t have any plans to blend the Surface tablet, just yet. There are plenty of other devices that are higher up on the priority list.

On a different note the Surface RT with its magnesium case is a formidable tool to attempt ‘blending’ and it is going to be an interesting thing to watch how the Blendtec blenders lives up to their reputation.