bill gates pc tablet

In a rare insight into what he feels is in store for Microsoft in the future, former CEO Bill Gates talked about the latest product launches that Microsoft has in waiting. Both the launch of Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet are big news and the shift to tablets is a big one reckons the former CEO. Surprisingly he seems to still have a lot of knowledge about the company that he is no longer at the helm for several years now.

Microsoft’s Steve Clayton made the most of the five minute interview with his questioning prowess and Mr. Gates did seem to have a lot to speak about as well. He was visibly all at praise with the launch of Windows 8 and also emphasized on what could be in store for Surface RT and the tablet industry in the future.

He feels that consumers simply want to access their mails, catch up on their reading and access their videos, wherever they are; and they want to do all of that without having to break a sweat. The future is really bright for touch, but that does not mean that the natural convenience of keyboard and mouse can be overlooked. Microsoft, he feels, is simply putting all types of inputs together and making sure users find it convenient to access their content any way they want.

The launch of new products simply culminates the tremendous amount of hard work that has gone into developing them. This he feels is a turning point for the company as he went on to reflect “this is the big time” for Microsoft.