Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

The recent Ask Me Anything session held on Reddit by the Microsoft Surface team disclosed some interesting tidbits about Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. One of the revelations during the AMA session was the possibility that the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will have a better speaker compared to the Surface RT tablet.

The Surface Team revealed that the speaker for the Microsoft Surface Pro will be different since they will have a higher power due to the additional space found on the device. The team also indicated that additional updates will be released for the Surface RT tablet to enhance the performance of its speakers.

The Microsoft Surface Pro will also have the capability of loading more operating systems in addition to the Windows 8. The Surface team said that the Windows 8 devices will allow users to access the BIOS settings as well as to turn off the secure boot, which will allow them to load other operating systems.

The team also indicated that the stylus pen on the Surface Pro tablet is designed to recognize 210 pressure levels. This came after a user asked about the stylus pen that comes with the device. The team also indicated that the Cleartype Display technology features a slim optical stack that makes the tip of the pen to act like ink. The accuracy of the pen was also enhanced. All Surface Pro tablets that were produced will feature a unique non-linear multipoint pen calibration.

One concern that was raised after the Surface Pro tablet was reviewed is the need for higher resolution 10.6-inch display to be scaled to around 150 percent to optimize the use of a desktop user interface. A user wanted to maintain the percentage for the Surface Pro tablet as well as allow a 100 percent scaling when an external display is used. However, this is not possible with the Windows 8. The Surface team said that it is working on this issue to allow its optimal use of other high resolution Windows-based devices. For the moment there are no fixes available.

Another user inquired about the likelihood that the Surface tablets will support 3G or even 4G connectivity. The Surface team indicated that it is possible for users to connect the Surface tablet to a wireless modem aside from using the tethering option of any Windows Phone device.

The Surface team also took a jab at the product lineup of Apple when it answered questions on how the Microsoft Surface tablet can compete with other devices. The team indicated that the Surface Pro tablet is an ideal device for users who are looking for an iPad and a MacBook Air since it is lighter and more user-friendly than the other devices. The team said it did not hold back on the performance needed by business. Instead it offers a perfect mobile package that users will appreciate.