steve ballmer and Surface RT

Back in October, when the company started taking pre-orders for the Windows 8 RT-based Surface tablet Microsoft experienced high back order numbers and assumed sales would be stellar. Although store Websites are displaying “sold out” status for “32 GB without touch cover” version of the Surface RT tablet all over the world, the Microsoft Store online site has refurbished their stock in the United States. So fortunately, you can still pick one up if you desire.

True to their policy on financial maters, Microsoft has remained closed lipped on the status of current sales figures for the Surface Tablet. However, CEO Steve Ballmer tried to quell rumors of heavy sales of the Surface RT this weekend in an interview with French newspaper LeParisien (online). Mr. Ballmer specifically downplayed speculation that the Windows RT versions were becoming a rare commodity, stating that so far sales of the Surface have been “modest.”

Putting modesty aside, the CEO of Microsoft did show measured enthusiasm that the upcoming launch of the Surface Pro version would be “unique” and “…equipped with a new Intel processor with a higher screen resolution.” This would imply that most buyers that like the Microsoft Surface tablet are waiting for the Surface Pro version. Although no official date is set, the Pro version of the Microsoft Surface tablet is expected in the early part of 2013.