Frank Curtin

My interest in technology began over 30 years ago when I worked for AT&T. I have been an avid business and technology enthusiast since then. I have read, researched, and written about the advances in technology from the time when the Internet was just a figment of Al Gore’s imagination and mobile technology was thought of as the telephone repairman. I look forward to another 30 years of following and writing about the people and companies with real imagination and the technological savoir faire that make our lives a little easier. For the past year I have been working at oDesk [] in this capacity.

Newly Enhanced SAP Windows 8 Apps

International software provider SAP has announced that the company has designed a range of applications for the Windows 8 operating system -- including a brand new product. The apps are designed for a wide range of products including the Microsoft tablet PC, Read More →

Surface Tablet Connection Flaw

I am having a little problem with my Surface RT tablet that I would like to share with you so you do not run into the same problems I have. The problem is the magnetic plug on the power supply does not work correctly. It Read More →

Tweetro Hobbled by Twitter

Tweetro, an app development team that is associated with Twitter, saw a big spike in it’s downloads when the Microsoft Surface  RT tablet was released at the end of October. The popularity of the Windows 8 and the subsequent increase in downloads quickly brought the number to the Read More →

Ballmer Hypes-up Surface Pro

Back in October, when the company started taking pre-orders for the Windows 8 RT-based Surface tablet Microsoft experienced high back order numbers and assumed sales would be stellar. Although store Websites are displaying “sold out” status for "32 GB without touch cover" version of the Read More →

Muting Glitch Surfaces in Microsoft Tablet

The biggest selling feature of the Microsoft Surface tablet is its one of a kind Touch Cover that doubles as a keyboard. Nevertheless, the Touch Cover may be the culprit behind what a number of Windows 8 Tablet users are describing as a sudden Read More →

Homegrown Surface Ad Runs All Over the Little iPad [Video]

While Apple‘s commercials have been mostly low key, cute little flicks that make you smile, Microsoft has come out of the gate running with a highly acclaimed ad that makes you want to get up and dance. That is the whole theme (with a touch of macabre) behind Read More →

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