Diane Torre

I am Diane from the Philippines. I have great passion towards technology as I am just constantly amazed at how technological developments can positively change our lives. I aim to inform people of the different technological developments that may pique their interests and influence them to use these developments as a way to do good things in their area of expertise or current profession.

Microsoft to Open Pop-Up Stores in Time to Release Surface Tablet

With the release of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface Tablet just around the corner, Microsoft is reported to open more stores to sell these two new offerings. Currently, Microsoft only has 20 open stores and none of them are located in highly-populated Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablet and Lenovo’s Next-Gen ThinkPad Tablet 2: Will There Be a Battle of the Best?

Twenty years after the first ThinkPad laptop was released by IBM, Lenovo, which acquired the brand ThinkPad in 2005, is now celebrating ThinkPad’s 20 years in the market through the introduction of its ThinkPad Tablet 2.

Dilip Bhatia, vice president and general manager Read More →

Talks about ‘Haswell’ Chip Set To Happen At a Conference

A September conference in San Francisco to feature a talk about Intel’s new chip microarchitecture.

Intel’s annual conference is always being anticipated most especially the talks about their next-gen silicon. This year, they will showcase Haswell. What makes Haswell interesting? Well, for one, it is expected to Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablet’s New Version Confirmed Being Developed

Microsoft has never announced it yet but it seems a new Microsoft Surface Tablet is in the works.

The Microsoft Surface Tablet is being considered as just a reference design and that it will not dwell on hardware business, as Redmond says. However, Read More →

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