Diane Torre

I am Diane from the Philippines. I have great passion towards technology as I am just constantly amazed at how technological developments can positively change our lives. I aim to inform people of the different technological developments that may pique their interests and influence them to use these developments as a way to do good things in their area of expertise or current profession.

Microsoft’s Bing Team Working on Mobile and Gaming Apps for Windows 8 Tablets

Bing is a web search engine that is a product of Microsoft. From the time Microsoft released Bing on Jun 2009 up to the present, the popular search engine has gone through a lot of modifications to cater to Internet users’ needs. It is currently competing with Google Read More →

[Rumor] Windows RT Surface Tablet for $199: True or Not?

Ever since Microsoft announced that it will be releasing a new version of its Surface tablet, the Windows RT Surface tablet, talks about how much it will priced have been floating around. A Swedish site allegedly reported that the price will be over $1000, which Read More →

Windows 8 RT Tablets from OEMs other than Microsoft in the Works

In an August 13 blog post on the "Building Windows 8" blog, Microsoft officials confirmed that they will not be the only OEM that will deliver Windows-running, ARM-based machines. Apparently, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung are expected Read More →

EA Eyeing on Windows 8 for Its Mobile Games

As the release of the Windows 8 operating system and the Microsoft Surface Tablet is nearing, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is having talks with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) to bring mobile games in the new operating system. EA believes that the new Windows 8 Read More →

WhatsApp Now Available Again in the Windows Phone Marketplace

After its mysterious disappearance earlier this month, WhatsApp became available again in the Windows Phone Marketplace last August 12. This cross-platform messenger that is designed to replace the use of SMS in your phones reappeared with its new version Most users Read More →

Microsoft holds Windows 8 Party, builds Surface Tablet cake for the Event

Last August 8 (8/8), Microsoft held a party at its Redmond headquarters for a Windows 8 celebration. Despite not being able to make 8888 the final build of its latest operating system, Microsoft managed to build a giant cake that includes a table and five Read More →

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