windows 8 asus tablet

With Windows 8 scheduled for a roll out later this week, Asus has come out with an announcement of their plans for the latest and much anticipated operating system from Windows 8. A plethora of touch screen functionality based models on display; Asus has probably the largest bouquet of tablets on offer.

Back in June Asus did showcase a number of up and coming products at Computex. One of them being the asus Vivo Tab RT. The 32 GB version is going to enter the Market at a price point of $599. The keyboard dock bundling was anticipated to make the Vivo Tab RT a tag expensive, but Asus thought otherwise and decided not to make the price any dearer. For the 64 GB version however, $699 is going to be the asking price.

One model that did caught our attention and with that the rest of the correspondents was the Taichi. It comes with dual 11.6” screens a full HD 1080p display and 4 GB of memory and a choice of 126 GB or 256 GB of SSD memory.  Based on your choice of core i5 or i7 chip the price of the Taichi 21 model will sway between $1299 and $1599. An even sexier model the Taichi 31 with a bigger screen is scheduled to hit the market at an unspecified future date and at an unspecified price point.

Another model the Zenbook UX31A touch will be launched about a month later along with several new notebooks to be launched by Asus. Also in the line up are the VivoBook touch enabled 11.6” and 14” models that come with a 1366 x 768 resolution screen several chips to choose from and integrated graphics. To be entered at a price point of $499 the 11.6” version will be Asus’ lowest price options for the new OS.

Another model that users can look forward to is the ET2300 which has a 23” screen with full HD display. It is going to be powered by the Core i7 processor and come with 8 GB of RAM.