Microsoft Surface Tablet

Applications play a vital role in promoting a tablet computer or a smartphone. iPhone is awesome we can do a lot with the hundreds of thousands of applications available at the App Store. Same the case with Android tablets and smartphones. As the Android app market is growing more people are trying to move to Android for its huge collection of apps. In this article we will discuss about the applications that we will be able to enjoy on the Surface tablet.

Surface RT Apps

Surface RT, Microsoft Surface tablet that will be running Windows RT, won’t be able to run Windows 7 applications because it will be running Windows RT which is a modified version of Windows 8 operating system to make Windows 8 run on ARM architecture. The applications need to be redeveloped for Windows RT. It will be running Metro apps ( Microsoft can no longer legally use the term “Metro” in Windows 8 ) which are developed using Microsoft’s WinRT programming interfaces. We also heard that there are already approximately 450 apps have been developed for Windows RT devices. Which means that on Surface RT users will be able to enjoy number of applications, though, these figures are nothing as compared to App Store, Google Play and number of Win32 applications.

Surface Pro Apps

The major advantage of Surface Pro over Surface RT is that it will be capable of running Windows 7 applications. Not only this, both types of Windows applications, Metro Apps and Win32 apps, will be able to run on Windows 8 (and on Surface Pro). Surface Pro will even be able to run Windows 7 games like Civilization and it will be able to run Diablo 3 easily. it comes with very nice hardware specs so we can expect that we will have a nice experience of it. It will come with Microsoft Office installed in it. This will compensate with the price of Surface Pro and also it appeals the business and developer class. However, Surface RT users will have to buy the Metro-style office application.

Windows Store, Number Of Applications And Compatibility

The Windows store will be able to filter out the compatible apps on its own. For example, if you will access the Windows store through Surface RT then you will be able to download only those applications that will be compatible with the Surface RT. And if you will access the Windows Store through Surface Pro then you will be able to download only those applications that can run on Surface Pro. An application once purchased can be installed on 5 different devices including laptops, tablets, desktops etc. Note that you will also be able to try the application before you purchase it. We can expect that there will be a fair collection of apps for Surface Pro because of its ability to run Win32 apps, however, for Surface RT there is a rumor that currently it has 450 apps.


We are so desperate to have Surface tablet in our hands and we expect that we will be enjoying a number of applications on the Surface tablet. Microsoft is trying hard to increase the number of app developers for Windows 8 which will be the key to success of the Surface tablet. Also many software companies are planning to make their software applications available for Windows RT too.

Photo Credit to :  Melissa J. Perenson