Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft intends to hit in the back of Apple’s iPad with its Microsoft Surface Tablet. But would this Windows 8 tablet really be able to take iPad’s market share? Market research says a big N.O.!

It is expected that this Fall would see two Microsoft Surface Tablets in the market: One Windows 8 Tablet and the other with Window RT namely Window RT Surface. The pricing will be deciding factor here but we don’t see any low prices from MS anyway.

This Surface tablet has actually made HP to ditch its Windows RT tablet plans and has in turn decided to go for an x86 designs based on its proven and robust ecosystem success. There are also reports of Microsoft actively asking its partners to work on Windows RT Surface tablets. Giant operating system maker then allegedly rejected many prototypes while stealing the most innovative features. Microsoft will also be able to price it lower than other competitors due to no OS licensing fees. Manufacturers are pulling themselves out fast due to this direct competition risk.

A bit of competitor rivalry though came from Acer, as Acer’s Senior Vice President and EMEA President, Oliver Ahrens, dismissed Microsoft’s chances of taking over Apple’s market. Acer is world’s fourth largest personal computing machines maker. Ahrens also suggested MS to focus on building its new operating system rather than coming into tablets market.

Ahrens was though totally doubtful of Microsoft’s Tablet PC success but he also had his own concerns. OEMs like ACER put together Windows components to some good use, while Microsoft largely focuses on the software side. Joining the battle with Microsoft Tablets, it is obvious that it could cause an internal defocus. In that case, Acer too will be suffering.

Microsoft is working with two dozen PC vendors worldwide, including the local guys, whereas Apple is alone, it can more or less do what it wants. Microsoft is a component of a PC system.” Oliver said, “A very important component but still a component.” He is also looking forward to Q3 as it would be transition phase from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

But Acer is not the only one skeptic about Microsoft Surface success. Former President & CEO Dell, Kevin Rollins while giving an interview to Bloomberg West said that customers are very happy with Apple & Android and that no one will be looking forward to Surface Tablets.

This all trouble has been caused because Microsoft’s partner OEMs were planning to introduce Windows 8 tablets and now certainly they won’t be happy with a direct competitor.

Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst with Enderle Group commented that “[Microsoft Surface] is kind of a Lexus product, it is going to be pricey, and so there is still a Toyota market that these guys could play in if they can figure out how to do it,”

True or not, but Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro Surface has stirred the industry a bit. With HP, Dell and Acer being the partner OEMs, RIM also says it’s not sweating. RIM’s VP of Global Alliances & Business Development, Martyn Mallick said, “When we look at BlackBerry 10 and what it delivers as a platform, we’re really confident. I don’t see any immediate changes from my perspective.” Like Microsoft Tablet PC, Blackberry 10 has no release date as well, as a company representative sang “It’s not quite ready yet.”

Being the pointing spot of many industry watchdogs, let’s see how Microsoft pulls it Windows 8 Pro tablet next October and make it a success against Apple and Android!