Microsoft Surface Tablet

A spokesperson at Acer confirmed the conjecture that Windows RT devices are in the development stages at the company. The comment was made during an interview with Computerworld. Development of Windows RT devices had been in doubt due to Acer CEO JT Wang’s negative comments concerning the Microsoft Surface tablet a week ago. Wang stated that Microsoft’s venture into the tablet market would have “a negative reaction” from brands like Acer. A few days later he softened his tone a bit and confirmed Acer was “aggressively developing related devices” (to Windows RT) but reiterated the Windows 8 Tablets would have a negative impact on the PC ecosystem. Other device makers such as HP and Lenovo have commented that Microsoft’s endeavors into the tablet market pose no threat to their brands but Acer executives have been adamant on the subject.

The Microsoft Surface tablet is scheduled to be released in October with the Windows 8 operating system. Windows RT will be one of three options available on the tablet and has been touted as having as much as 320 hours of standby time with instant on/off capabilities – much like a smartphone. As the release date approaches and more information on pricing and other features of the Windows 8 Tablets become available, the reactions of the competition should be interesting. We should also hear more of what the hardware vendors have in store in the coming months. Microsoft has stated that it has developed the system “in collaboration with ecosystem partners, including PC manufacturers, Silicon partners, and other component suppliers.”