Acer Vs Microsoft

Acer is mighty displeased with Microsoft’s recent jump into the hardware business. Courtesy of a rough and ready Google translation, Linxian Lang, the Greater China operations manager of Acer, seemed to compare the whole process of making hardware to making rice, adding that hard rice is un-palatable. Although the translation could be erroneous the general underlying meaning is quite clear; Acer does not think highly of Microsoft’s attempt at hardware and feels that the software giant should stay within its expertise and leave the hardware business to companies like Acer.

Earlier this year Microsoft released its own version of a tablet, the Surface RT Tablet, which ran the proprietary Windows RT operating system. The company is also being rumored to be dabbling at a branded Windows Phone design in collaboration with hardware partners in Asia. All these efforts are not helping hardware companies like Acer which is increasingly being cornered because of the growth of the Smartphone and tablet segments. Acer recently lost the plot and a significant pie of sales when it’s bet on Netbooks suffered a major setback. More and more consumers are putting off their PC purchasing plans and opting for the mobile Smartphones and tablets.

Shipping of Acer’s products have been experiencing a steep decline. The year on year global shipments have seen a steep decline of 10 % while US shipments have gone down by 28 %.