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Recently, Hulu issued a press release stating the Windows Store will provide a new Hulu Plus app compatible with the Windows 8 Tablet. Hulu Plus allows Microsoft Surface tablet owners the right to use all of Hulu’s material as well as reruns of older programs. The new app, designed specifically for the Microsoft tablet PC, has the ability to attach your favorite shows to the start screen with a touch-optimized user interface. A very convenient feature for those of us who like to watch video while we work is the apps “Snap View” feature. This feature allows Microsoft tablet users to watch a Hulu film or show on part of their screen while doing another task or tasks on other sections of the display screen.

The new Hulu Plus app is available at this moment to those lucky enough to have early preview versions of the Windows 8 operating system. Just go to the Windows Store now to download it. However, most of us will have to wait until Microsoft officially launches the operating system on October 26. In the press release, Hulu what’s more announced Acer and Sony would preload the Hulu Plus app on choice Windows 8 tablets.

Image Source: Hulu Blog