Microsoft Surface Tablet

To be an iPad-killer, a tablet must have features that are outstanding and performance that can increase the user experience. That is one of the reasons why Microsoft tablet came equipped with a number of features that iPad is lacking. May be these features can give Surface Tablet an edge over the iPad. In this article we are going to discuss what are these features and how they can help an average user and a business user to have better experience on tablet computers.

Touch Cover

The keyboard-cum-cover which comes with the Surface is the most appealing thing Microsoft added to its tablet. There has been a lot of gossips about it among the users and tech geeks. This 3 mm thick Touch Cover is capable of sensing your keystrokes through the pressure exerted on it, therefore, allowing you to type faster than iPad’s on-screen keyboard. You will type by gestures because practically you are not pressing any typical physical key, you will be just touching the cover. It will also help the tablet have more visible space available because on-screen keyboard won’t appear on the screen. This touch cover gets connected with the tablet via built-in magnetic connector. A nice spin for a tablet.

Integrated Kickstand

Another additional feature that the Surface tablet is providing and the iPad is not is the kickstand. With keyboard comes default and a kickstand that can tilt the tablet at an angle of 22 degrees at the top of a flat surface, it provides you with the same experience as of a laptop (netbook?). So you can use the Surface tablet like a laptop with the help of this kickstand. The most amazing thing is that this kickstand doesn’t participate in increasing the thickness of the tablet. It is so thin and strong that it perfectly fits with the theme of the Surface tablet. Now you don’t have to hold tablet in hand or place something at its back while watching movies or having Skype conversations.

Digital Ink And Stylus

Before I continue to the stylus and the digital ink part I want to clarify that these are only available for Surface Pro which will running Microsoft Windows 8 Pro version on it. Only that version of surface will be able to take input from the stylus. It won’t be able to take input from hand. Surface RT will not support the stylus. Stylus is a good step of the company towards making tablets more interactive. While writing with the stylus on Windows Surface tablet there is only .7 mm distance left between the two things. This makes the writing very natural and you will feel as you are writing on an electronic paper. Cool? So cool.

USB Ports

USB ports are another thing that is beating the iPad. iPad 1 launched in 2010 didn’t have USB ports. iPad 2 also didn’t get any and iPad 3 also didn’t come with any USB port. USB ports are the most anticipated feature but Apple is consistently balking at USB ports. Surface comes with two USB ports. Both of the Surface versions will have USB ports in them. This gives Surface an edge over iPad. This could mean you can connect more storage devices with the Surface tablet, thereby dramatically increasing its storage capabilities.


Surface tablet case weighs only 1.3 pounds and is made up of all-magnesium VaporMG. Surface tablet got its elegant finish by choosing correct material, molding metal and depositing particles. The metal has been molded up to .65 mm to create a thin and professional tablet.


All these things added can be very challenging for the iPad and yes they are. Especially first four features are very appealing to business users because they are making Surface tablet a versatile device, thereby tremendously increasing the productivity. Business users will go with the Surface Pro addition for its productivity, portability and performance.