Microsoft Surface Tablet

This article is going to be very interesting as we are going to discuss the poll results of different websites. This will give you an insight of what people think about Microsoft’s soon-to-be-available tablet.

Poll 1: What makes the Microsoft Surface tablet different?

The first poll we are going to discuss is of CNET. Below are the reaction of the users and the percentage of votes each option got.


Design got 36% votes. People commented and discussed that there is nothing new in having a keyboard with a tablet, there are many keyboards available for the iPad too. However, the Surface lovers defended the point saying that the keyboard with iPad doesn’t comes integrated. You have to pay additional $50 or $100 or even more to have a keyboard as an accessory. Also there is no such keyboard which can stick with the tablet and act like a cover and should be only 3 mm thick.


Performance option got 19% votes. Surface lovers had a clear win in this arena. They stated that, on Surface with Windows 8 Pro, they can enjoy millions of applications designed for windows 7 and can play millions of games. This removes the need of having an app store for Surface tablet. Who needs an app store when you can play all the games and applications designed and developed for Windows 7?  This can easily beat an app store. You can play games like Diablo 3, Civilizations and can run hardware hungry software like Adobe Photoshop, can process your documents using Microsoft Office in the same as you are sitting in front of PC.

Two Versions

Two Versions option got 16% votes. Of course it is very nice to have two version of a tablet. One version for light work and for average home users and the other version for professionals. Those who are comfortable at having just a tablet can use the Surface RT and those who want PC experience and performance on a tablet can go with Surface Pro.

Software And Hardware From Same Company

On the choice “Theoretically one-stop-shop support. Unlike Android, software and hardware coming from one source: Microsoft. Less opportunity for finger pointing.” 5% users voted.

Win 8 Updates

“Uniform Windows 8 updates.” option got 4% votes.

Not Impressed

21% people said that they are not impressed with Surface tablet.

Currently there are 3973 votes casted so far.

Poll 2: Do you want a Microsoft Surface tablet?

In this poll 40% users said that they are willing to buy the Surface tablet, 37% users voted that they need price and availability info and reviews in order to buy it. 19% voted for the satisfaction with their current tablet and 3% voted in other reasons. If these 37% votes get enough good reviews and affordable price then they will surely jump to buy the product. Let’s say 20% out of these 37% will surely buy this product if got good reviews then we can say that there will be total of 60% users that are ready to buy it. These are good figures. Most of the users have commented that they will love to purchase Surface tablet. We see that people love to use Windows 8 and that is one of the reasons why people are eager to have a Windows 8 tablet. There are total of 9454 votes casted so far.

Poll 3: Would you pay $500 for a Surface RT?

Total of 2528 votes are casted. 60% voted for yes and 40% voted for no. Note that we deduced that 60% user will buy the product and on this poll we got same results. You can find this poll here.


Polls are, no doubt, the best places that demonstrates the opinions of the people to the world. They can be very useful in finding out user reviews, advantages, disadvantages and comparisons of Surface tablet of users with other tablets.