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A muting bug on Microsoft Surface RT

Complaints have poured in over a serious issue that plagues the Surface RT Tablet. When using the Touch Cover users have reported that the sound of the Surface RT had unexpectedly gone mute. Microsoft has responded to these reports by saying that they are Read More →

Development Of Windows RT Devices Controlled By Microsoft

Third party PC manufacturers were only notified by Microsoft that it will launch the Surface RT tablet a couple of days before the actual event, a recent report revealed. However, anonymous sources quoted representatives of PC manufacturers saying that Microsoft collaborated closely with Read More →

Significantly Speeding Up Microsoft Surface Performance

Increasing the operational speed of the Surface RT tablet is possible by following a simple procedure.

The first thing to do is to right-click or touch on Computer on the Classic Desktop. Select properties on the File Explorer Window pop-up or ribbon. Then Read More →

Microsoft Surface Pro To Be Launched January 29 [Rumor]

Many people are already waiting for the arrival of the Surface Pro of the Microsoft Surface tablet after Microsoft revealed that it will unveil the device by January.

Following the declaration of Microsoft, a number of users started to speculate on the release Read More →

Windows 8 Touch Pen To Be Offered By Targus

The “Modern” user interface of the Windows 8 was specifically designed for use on touch screen displays. Although the mouse and the keyboard can still be used, the best way to interact with the Start screen or an app on the Windows 8 UI is to use your Read More →

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