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Jailbreak For Windows RT Applauded By Microsoft

After a jailbreak was discovered on the Windows RT of Microsoft, the software giant has reportedly applauded the people involved, according to a report from A spokesperson for Microsoft has reportedly Read More →

Tegra 4 Processor Launched By NVIDIA

The Tegra 4, the latest mobile processor of NVIDIA, was launched recently at a Consumer Electronics Show 2013 event held in Las Vega, according to a report. The new processor enhances the capabilities of its previous versions. The ULP GeForce graphics processor features 72 GPU cores along Read More →

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Offers Notable Performance For Tablet Users

It appears that the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix will give a new meaning to a tablet/laptop hybrid with the features that it offers to users, according to a report from  The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix does more than simply allowing users to attach and detach a keyboard to extend Read More →

ARM-Based Desktop Applications Made To Run On Windows RT Through A Jailbreak

UPDATE: Jailbreak For Windows RT Applauded By Microsoft

A report from revealed that  Windows RT of Microsoft was finally jailbroken. According to clrokr, a security researcher, a method was created that allows desktop apps to run on Read More →

Dropbox app debuts on Windows 8 Store

After more than three months since when Microsoft announced the Dropbox Windows 8 app in its Build Developer conference in October, the app has finally been released in the Windows 8 Store. The app is available in both the Windows 8 and the RT versions and allows users Read More →

Vizio Offers Its First Windows Tablet With The Vizio Tablet PC

A report from revealed that Vizio will be offering its own Windows tablet into the market through the Vizio Tablet PC.  The tablet from Vizio will provide users with a full Windows 8 experience on its 11.6-inch 1080p display screen. It will also feature a 1GHz Read More →

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