Surface Tablet price

Consumers, it is time for one of the most-hyped products of the year, the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, to arrive on store shelves. The date predicted for the Surface tablet’s arrival (along with Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest version of its operating system) is October 26, 2012. The Surface RT’s older brother, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, will launch in 2013. The Surface tablet will be a welcome addition into the home of any student who wants a Halloween surprise.

Setting the Scene: Surface RT Arrival Preparations

The Surface RT tablet started to show up on international store sites in France, Italy, Germany, US, and the UK earlier this month – with no surface tablet pre-order event mentioned. The product’s appearance on store lists was the start of Microsoft’s plan to build hype and anticipation for the product. San Francisco has become a key city in the Windows 8 tablet’s company advertisement, preparing the city for the product. Approximately two weeks ago, floor advertisements of the Surface with the word “Surface” surrounded by a variety of color covers/keyboards and a photo of the Surface RT tablet were found on the floor of the Civic Center Bart Station in San Francisco as well as the walls of the Civic Center. Microsoft intends to have a Windows 8 RT Surface Tablet launch event in New York on October 25, one day prior to the release of the Surface RT tablet.

Up-Close and Personal: How You Can Get Your Hands on the Microsoft Surface RT

Consumers who anxiously await the release of the Microsoft “iPad killer” want to know: “Where can I pre-order a Surface tablet? Currently, there are not as many known details regarding the actual electronics stores that will sell the Surface RT tablet. What we do know, however, is that Microsoft has created thirty-two pop up stores, temporary stands (kiosks) for your Microsoft tablet pre-order. One photo of a Microsoft pop-up store shows a sign that says, “Microsoft: Opening October 26,” with a display of the Microsoft logo, Surface tablet, and the word “Surface” on the front of a counter – in front of a department clothing store. All pop-up stores will not look like this, however; depending on the location of the store and the amount of space available, one Microsoft pop-up store may be more or less attractive than another.

Attractive or Pricey? The Price Debate

 While Microsoft has said that the price of the Surface tablet will keep up with tablets such as the iPad, Kindle Fire HD, and the Google Nexus 7, the only price information provided has been that of a price range ($300-$800). The former price implied by Microsoft, Inc. was around $200, a price that once placed the Surface tablet in line with the 8GB Google Nexus 7 ($199). The $300 to $800 price range places the Surface tablet price in line with the 16GB iPad 2 or iPad 3. Google intends to produce a 32GB Google Nexus 7, a tablet that will cost at least $299 – placing the Microsoft tablet in direct competition with this past summer’s hit gadget.

While the Google Nexus 7 tablet will cost $299 for a 32GB version, Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet could cost $299 and come in both 32GB and 64GB versions. With the same price, customers can choose the Surface’s memory over Google’s price tag. IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell believes that the Surface RT version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet will cost $599 while the Surface Pro tab will cost $999. The site intends to give away a “350.00” Surface tablet, far below O’Donnell’s estimate.

Microsoft’s price range on the tablet has been one of a “wait-and-see” approach, but the company has finally placed its bid on a definitive price range for the new PC/tablet device. As of this week, The Verge reports that the iPad competitor will sell in the price range of $499 (32GB, no cover) to $699 (64GB, touch cover model). It appears that the Surface Touch cover will cost $100, placing a 32GB with Touch Cover model at $599.