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Surface RT Tablets Released To Microsoft Employees

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, initially announced in a company meeting last September that all employees of the company will receive a Surface RT tablet along with Windows Phone 8 devices, as reported on

Another report indicated that all Read More →

Google Apps For Windows 8 Unavailable For The Moment

It will likely take some time before the native Calendar and Gmail apps will be released to the Windows 8 OS of the next model of the Microsoft Surface tablet, according to a report. This comes as a report emerged indicating that Google has not ruled out Read More →

AdDuplex: Surface RT was leading the Windows RT Tablets market

AdDuplex, an online advertising network, which had been tracking access of their network from various devices running Windows 8 and RT had reported earlier (about a few weeks into the launch of the Microsoft 8 and RT based tablets) that the Surface RT Tablet Read More →

Adobe Reader App For Windows 8 Launched

Up until now if you wanted to check out PDF files in Windows 8 and wanted Adobe Reader to do the job for you, you would have to go to your desktop and use the specific version of the software. Not any more. A new Windows 8 Reader Read More →

Surface Tablet coming to non-Microsoft stores finally

Microsoft has finally confirmed the rumors that it is moving to non-Microsoft online and offline stores for expanding its sales network of Surface RT tablets. This is going to happen as soon as mid-December. In a statement released on December 11, Microsoft is also Read More →

Updates Released to Fix Surface Tablet Wi-Fi

The monthly Patch Tuesday update for the Windows RT of Microsoft has started already according to a report from Users if the Surface RT tablet will see eleven updates for the operating system that will deal with a number of security issues. In Read More →

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