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More issues with the Surface RT, this time it is about Wi-Fi

It seems that the launch of the ‘best thing since Windows 98’ is not entirely a glitch-free affair for Microsoft. First we heard about the splitting issue related with the touchpad/keyboard, which Microsoft promptly addressed to by promising to send out replacement covers. Now we are hearing about Read More →

Newly Enhanced SAP Windows 8 Apps

International software provider SAP has announced that the company has designed a range of applications for the Windows 8 operating system -- including a brand new product. The apps are designed for a wide range of products including the Microsoft tablet PC, Read More →

Evaluation Shows Surface RT Display At Par With Competition

The recent results of the evaluation made by Display Mate on the screen display of the Microsoft Surface tablet. The 1366 by 768 resolution of the device is the minimum resolution needed to allow Windows 8 devices to utilize the snap function of the device. This comes despite Read More →

Surface RT tablets surfaces on Verizon stores

The buzz on the street seems to be about Microsoft quietly shipping their Surface RT tablets to Verizon stores for an imminent direct sale to customers. A member of the Wpcentral forum clicked a picture of a Windows RT tablet on display at Read More →

Surface Tablet Connection Flaw

I am having a little problem with my Surface RT tablet that I would like to share with you so you do not run into the same problems I have. The problem is the magnetic plug on the power supply does not work correctly. It Read More →

HP: Surface RT is kludgy, quite slow and more hype than value

HP’s head of PC, Todd Bradley, has given some candid comments about the Microsoft Windows RT and the Surface RT tablet. In a sort of reiteration of the statements issued by HP earlier this year, Bradley mentioned in an interview to IDG Enterprise that the Read More →

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