Monthly archive October, 2012

Microsoft Surface RT licensing costs to negate branded PC competitiveness

A potential price war is imminent as Microsoft launches their Surface tablet powered by the Windows RT. But while Microsoft seems to be going to dominate the tablet segment powered by Windows RT operating system branded PC manufacturers are going to find it difficult to Read More →

2012’s Halloween Present: The Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

Consumers, it is time for one of the most-hyped products of the year, the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, to arrive on store shelves. The date predicted for the Surface tablet’s arrival (along with Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest version of its operating system) is October Read More →

Microsoft’s CEO Insights Developers

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, is going to be extremely busy over the next few months. Recently Mr. Ballmer assisted Nokia and HTC in publicizing their respective Windows Phone 8 devices and most recently, he paid a visit to RocketSpace.

RocketSpace is a technology start-up company located in Read More →

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