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Tim cook makes candid remarks about rival’s Surface RT

In a candid remark, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook appeared not to be too impressed with the new Windows Surface RT tablet.  He remarked that the tablet did give a distinct feeling of being “a fairly compromised, confusing product”. Tim was addressing the Q4 2012 Read More →

HP launches Envy x2 to take on Surface RT and iPad

HP’s new Envy x2 is a pricey little device that can well serve both the utilities of a tablet and a serious notebook. It runs the full version of Windows 8 and has all the ports that one would normally associate with a full fledged Read More →

The Forerunner of the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet: Skype for Windows 8

Windows RT is a more scaled-down version of Windows 8, as many tech writers have noticed in days past. However, Skype is one of the few applications on Windows RT that will also exist on Windows 8 when the Surface Pro tablet Read More →

Windows Store now boasts 7873 apps for Windows 8 and Surface RT

Unlike popular believe Microsoft had been toiling away quietly to make sure that their Windows 8 operating system and Surface RT tablet are launched with a plethora of apps ready to download. In fact Research VP Wes Miller at third party analyst company Directions had revealed last week there Read More →

Bill Gates gives a rare insight into Surface RT and Windows 8

In a rare insight into what he feels is in store for Microsoft in the future, former CEO Bill Gates talked about the latest product launches that Microsoft has in waiting. Both the launch of Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet are Read More →

Asus’ Windows 8 lineup

With Windows 8 scheduled for a roll out later this week, Asus has come out with an announcement of their plans for the latest and much anticipated operating system from Windows 8. A plethora of touch screen functionality based models on display; Asus Read More →

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