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Zynga brings Draw Something to Nokia Lumia, What about Surface RT?

Two of the most popular of Zynga’s mobile games were scheduled to be released on Windows Phone. That was back in June when we first got to hear that news. Post that news, at least one of them is making its promised debut on Windows Phone. “Read More →

Microsoft Surface RT Vs Asus Vivo Tab

Microsoft is back in action! Yes folks, it stands true as Microsoft Windows RT tablet has managed to gain a decent ground among geeks and business folks since its release. But will this dominance stay intact? We aren't very sure since we still have to see how Lenovo and Samsung Read More →

UK Delivery of Surface RT Tablets Delayed

Apparently the British release of the Microsoft Surface tablet encountered some issues in contrast to the smooth release of the device in New York. According to a recent report, the Surface RT tablet units of Microsoft were not delivered on time Read More →

Get Your Google Back On your Surface Tablet [Video]

Microsoft released the Surface RT tablet recently together with the Windows 8 OS and it is only a matter of time when numerous users to switch to this version of the operating system. However, due to the apparent move of the company in promoting Bing and Read More →

Surface Experience Centers is Opening in Australia, Germany, France and the UK

Consumers in the United States and Canada are lucky to have around sixty Microsoft Store outlets where they can have a hands-on experience with the Microsoft Surface tablet, a recent report indicated. Although the same cannot be said for a number of places Read More →

Elderly Couple Nearly Disrupts Surface Tablet Event In China

Chinese consumers were among the first to purchase the Microsoft Surface tablet following the launch event held by Microsoft in Beijing. However, the event that introduced the Surface RT tablet did not go as smoothly as it should have, according to a report Read More →

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