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Surface RT VS Acer Iconia W510

Since Microsoft came out with Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems, not to forget that Microsoft has taken the plunge into hardware manufacturing by producing Windows RT based tablets, it is literally a “game on” for various computer, tablet and electronics manufacturers. Back in 2011, Acer CEO Read More →

Samsung shows off ATIV Tab in commercial [Video]

There are a number of upcoming Microsoft Surface competitors and one of these was highlighted recently in a YouTube. It's Samsung's Ad focused on the ATIV product line, which include a Samsung tablet device.

The video is apparently in preparation for the promotion of Read More →

Launch of Windows RT Tablet of Acer Postponed

With the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet, Acer has opted to defer the launch of its own models of the device. The $499 price tag of the Surface RT tablet may have also contributed to the postponement of the release of its Windows Read More →

Issue on the Office 2013 running on Surface RT, Microsoft responds

Following a complaint by Hacker News, an anonymous Microsoft employee and a member of the Word team had gone in to check. The issue was the slow response time of Microsoft Word when the user is typing. This could be either an issue Read More →

Microsoft is shipping the Surface RT in UK without prior intimation

Consumers in UK who had pre-ordered the Microsoft Surface RT tablet have now started to receive the same. Some UK based readers have reported that since the debacle of the erroneous message, that seemed to suggest that their order was going to be delayed, they Read More →

Dismantling the Surface RT tablet

The folks at iFixit decide to give the Surface RT tablet a thorough anatomical dissection. They had a few hiccups while doing it though. This is how they went about it. The kickstand was the first to go. It is surprisingly stubborn, screwed onto the Read More →

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