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WhatsApp Now Available Again in the Windows Phone Marketplace

After its mysterious disappearance earlier this month, WhatsApp became available again in the Windows Phone Marketplace last August 12. This cross-platform messenger that is designed to replace the use of SMS in your phones reappeared with its new version Most users Read More →

Microsoft holds Windows 8 Party, builds Surface Tablet cake for the Event

Last August 8 (8/8), Microsoft held a party at its Redmond headquarters for a Windows 8 celebration. Despite not being able to make 8888 the final build of its latest operating system, Microsoft managed to build a giant cake that includes a table and five Read More →

Partnership Or Prosecution: What Will Be Microsoft’s Reaction To Samsung Windows Tab?

Windows Surface tablet isn’t out there yet, but business moguls have already started taking stands for and against it. HP and Acer have defined their stances against the release of this tablet. Perhaps, they don’t want another contender for their already depleting hardware sales. However, things aren’t the Read More →

Microsoft to Open Pop-Up Stores in Time to Release Surface Tablet

With the release of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface Tablet just around the corner, Microsoft is reported to open more stores to sell these two new offerings. Currently, Microsoft only has 20 open stores and none of them are located in highly-populated Read More →

ThinkPad Tablet 2 Is Ready and Happy to Compete With Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Tablet, the one that has to come with the magical Windows 8 OS, is definitely the hottest unreleased gadget people are talking about. However, some companies who were earlier looking to debut their own versions of Windows 8 tablets, have either scrapped the plan Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablet and Lenovo’s Next-Gen ThinkPad Tablet 2: Will There Be a Battle of the Best?

Twenty years after the first ThinkPad laptop was released by IBM, Lenovo, which acquired the brand ThinkPad in 2005, is now celebrating ThinkPad’s 20 years in the market through the introduction of its ThinkPad Tablet 2.

Dilip Bhatia, vice president and general manager Read More →

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