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Microsoft Going Cloud with the New Office

Yahoo may have snatched the limelight from Microsoft after announcing Google’s Marissa Mayor as its new CEO, but the mighty Microsoft got it back! So, with Windows 8 announcement and unveiling of Microsoft Windows 8 Surface, here is another leap of going cloud with the new Read More →

Amazon’s Germany website shows 5 models of Surface Tablet

Amazon website in germany shows 5 models of Microsoft Surface Tablet without prices or release dates. The website shopper can sign up via email to be notified when they become available. The list of Surface Tabet as follows:

Microsoft Surface vs. Asus Transformer Prime

The Asus Transformer Prime is known as “the King of Android tablets,” meaning that it is the best tablet running the Android OS to date. In this comparison, then, the newest tablet (Microsoft Surface) will compete against “the iPad competitor” to see which tablet Read More →

Microsoft Eyes to Get the Top Rank Leaving Apple Behind

Tech industry seems to be exuberating with the energy after Microsoft unveiled its Windows 8 Surface tablets. With many rival tablets already in users’ hands and getting top ranks, one wonders in which waters is Microsoft trying to step in. But, Steve Ballmer, the CEO of this Apple-rival Read More →

Weekly Microsoft Surface Tablet Recap #1

Time flies, read and catch-up with everything, we bring you a Weekly Recap from SurfaceAdvice: all of the past week in one place.

  • Microsoft's GodFather Support Surface Tablet And Solace PC Maker
  • Microsoft Surface Windows RT vs. Google Nexus 7
  • Aggressive and peaceful statements about Surface from Tablet Market
  • Is Read More →

Will IT Professionals Buy Microsoft Surface Tablet?

We have had great discussions on the features of the Surface tablet, what users want, what average users want, what gamers want and so on. We also compared Surface tablet with iPad and gave you reasons why you should prefer Surface tablet over an iPad. Well, there are Read More →

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