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Microsoft Surface Vs Kindle Fire

Its official now, Microsoft has its own tablet. Microsoft recently announced Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface. It is known that price of Microsoft Surface will be competitive with other tablet devices like iPad, Kindle Fire etc. Read More →

Is Microsoft Surface Tablet the Xbox pad?

Gaming is an important part of the computer devices. Apple is well aware of the importance of the games that is why it has a separate category for games at its app store. Games have a nice amount of downloads in Apple's app store and Android's app store. Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tech Specifications

Microsoft has recently launched Microsoft Surface tablets in competition with iPad. No release date for Ms Surface has been announced yet but from the initial look, it seems to be a big accomplishment for Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface is an ongoing sequence of tablets Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablet: 6 Questions To Be Answered

Microsoft's Surface tablet PC is the current hot topic of the web. Lots of gossips and lots of talks about it around the blogosphere. Microsoft unveiled its tablet when its Windows 8 is going to be released. Microsoft believes that its tablet and its operating system will be Read More →

Photo Gallery: Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface Tablet   This collection of Surface tablet’s images which taken by Josh Lowensohn/CNET News.           Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablet Accessories: Keyboard

Microsoft (once again?) jumped into the tablet market by unveiling, its iPad killer, the Surface tablet last week. Microsoft has a lot of expectations with its tablet and there have been a lot of gossips world wide about the future of the MS tablet since its launch. We Read More →

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