Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has made an important turn in the Tablet market by announcing release of MS Surface on 18 June 2012. This tablet by Microsoft is designed to compete with iPad, Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Microsoft Surface Tablet PC will be released in two Operating system options – Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface.

From the beautiful display, Microsoft Surface seems to go a long way with its competitors. Moreover, the unique cover and keyboard will also attract customers. Microsoft has not yet unveiled all the specification of Microsoft Surface; however the first look determines that it will be top-notch attraction for customers. Microsoft Surface Tablet will be released soon with the commercial release of Windows 8. No price has yet been announced for The Surface but it is speculated that it will cost around $ 199 to $ 250.

This tablet by Microsoft Surface is different from other Window based devices. No doubt that it is the most impressive Microsoft tablet till date. Here are 10 interesting facts about Microsoft Surface Tablet PC:

Windows 8
The best thing about Microsoft Surface Tablet is that it runs a full version of Microsoft OS. This is the first tablet that will come with Windows 8 Operating system.

For Customers as well as Enterprise
Nowadays, all the tablets from iPad to Samsung Galaxy or Kindle are mostly built for customers. Whereas MS Surface is designed for individuals as well as Enterprise use.

Sleek and Smart
The look and finish of Microsoft Surface is smart with glass finish to protect the screen in case of drop out.

Better among the Competitors
Microsoft Surface is better in specifications as compared to its competitors, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle and iPad.

Similar to Notebook Display
The Surface Tablet has many specifications common with Notebook. It comes with touch and cover keyboard with 10.6 inches display screen that is similar to Notebook display.

Ultra Book Replacement
Microsoft’s tablet PC aims to replace Ultra book. So if you are thinking to buy Ultra book, think again. Combined with Kickstand and cover, Microsoft Surface Tablet PC gives you multi touch keyboard with Windows 8 Operating system.

Microsoft- The big Name
The most important point is that MS Surface is from the company that you can trust – Microsoft. Microsoft has been providing users with user friendly devices for years. IPad on the other hand is not so user friendly.

Appealing and “Cool”
MS Surface has the potential to capture customers from all sectors and provide them all IT related details.

Attractive Design
Microsoft Surface is especially designed for corporate sector. With its attractive design, it can compete with any tablet in the market.

USB Ports
Microsoft Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface come with USB ports including USB 3.0 and other important ports.

Image Credit: Reuters